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App to app integration including:
CRM to email system
Off-the-shelf software integration
Web scraper to local software
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Pink-Triangle App to app integration

Start to finish app integration

Complete project management, start to finish, front end & back end app to app integration.

All common coding languages supported

Coding your app integration in Java, CSS, Python, Swift, C#, C++ & more coding languages.

Develop, automate & integrate

We'll design new applications, automate your current software or integrate everything together.
Web Applications

Why migrate when you can integrate?

Sometimes, building an entirely new solution just isn’t necessary when you have two or more great pieces of software, this is where ‘app to app integration’ is king.

Wouldn’t it be great if your Microsoft 365 email would integrate with your CRM or maybe your CRM would integrate with a website scraper, then integrate with a nice goals dashboard? These are all possible & not taken advantage of enough.

- Absolute Software (Sunshine Coast)

Our Services

Below are our primary services, however the list is endless - if you're looking for something else, contact us to find out how we can help.

Custom Software

Sometimes ‘off-the-shelf’ software doesn’t suit your business.

Web Applications

Progressive web applications are the future. We support cross-platform apps.

Mobile first websites

Your client’s first point of contact should be memorable.

Line of business apps

Do you need assistance with your mission critical line of business software.

App to app integration

Why spend time migrating software when you can integrate two+ applications.

Web Scrapers

Do you expend laborious hours onto repetitive data entry?

Front end & back end

A beautiful UI/UX & a robust back end database.

Software security

Buffer overflow, stack overflow, command injection, SQL injection.

Business automation

Automating business processes; reporting, data entry, analytics, lead generation.
Some more information

About Absolute Software & our app to app integration services.

With so many off-the-shelf applications that do close to but not exactly what you want, it makes sense to look into other options. App to app integration might be exactly what you need.

Now, there is not always a need for any integration if the return doesn’t justify the cost. We won’t push you in any direction, purely because it is more profitable – we know in business, the idea is to build a long-lasting relationship with trust. So, trust us to give you the correct advice & hopefully design some really great business software integrations for you.

Client Reviews

Some reviews from happy clients

Some statistics on integrating applciations

With the average cost of a full-stack application ranging between $50,000 & $250,000, it might be much more cost effective to stick with your multiple subscription-based software. Now, this means your staff are still doubling up in administrative costs.

Let’s say that you have a business with 5 staff that waste an average of 2hrs each week due to double entering information between two applications – that’s ~$350 wasted in wages, plus revenue loss each week. Say it might cost $5000 – $10000 to nicely integrate these two applications. It’d only take 6 – 7 months to fully recoup those costs purely based on wage loss – that’s worth it.

Source: Good Firm