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Absolute Software are a development, automation & integration business
on the Sunshine Coast. Working with all modern languages & technologies,
we can bring your business into the modern world.
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Sunshine Coast Custom
Software Development
Absolute Software provides custom software development, automation & integration
services to the entire Sunshine Coast & surrounding regions.
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Skilled Team of
We don't hire just anyone to support our clients.
Our software development team are skilled in all common coding languages.
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Absolute Software
Welcome to Absolute Software

Software development company

Absolute Software is a software development company located on the Sunshine Coast & a division of Absolute IT. We started Absolute Software because as a Managed IT Services Provider, we realised the need to have automation & integration with line of business software. As such, we created ‘Absolute Software’ with the goal of providing software development, integration & automation to improve your line of business software and business processes.

Absolute Software

Services we offer

Software is ever evolving & the implementations are endless. Below you'll see our primary services, click on the titles to read more about an individual service.

Custom Software

Sometimes ‘off-the-shelf’ software doesn’t suit your business.

Web Applications

Progressive web applications are the future. We support cross-platform apps.

Mobile first websites

Your client’s first point of contact should be memorable.

Line of business apps

Do you need assistance with your mission critical line of business software.

App to app integration

Why spend time migrating software when you can integrate two+ applications.

Web Scrapers

Do you expend laborious hours onto repetitive data entry?

Front end & back end

A beautiful UI/UX & a robust back end database.

Software security

Buffer overflow, stack overflow, command injection, SQL injection.

Business automation

Automating business processes; reporting, data entry, analytics, lead generation.

Case Study

One of our most successful developments was for a construction company.

One of our Absolute IT clients came to us with a problem. They required up to 10 temporary administration staff for 2 – 4 weeks, 3 – 4 times a year to process repetitive data entry tasks. The tasks were effectively pulling data from an online portal into their proprietary local software. So, we created a web scraping software that integrated into their local software, performing the work of these temporary admin staff within seconds. Whenever data changes on the online portal, the web scraper will pull this data into the local software. As such, we saved the client an estimated $450,000+ each year for a ~$20,000 piece of software. So, when you look at those numbers, it’s easy to see how you can improve your business processes.

Client Reviews

We have a lot of happy clients


Our most recent blogs

We post regularly about important information regarding software. The information we post is relevant to businesses of all sizes, in any industry. Have a read & decide for yourself.