How to choose a trustworthy software developer

How do you know the software developer you’re looking into is the right choice?

In 2020, businesses rely heavily on the software they run. Having the appropriate software that gives you the edge over the competition is imperative. Now, with so many solutions being highly available & there being so many options – it’s easy to take the wrong route.

Just Google “Software Developer Sunshine Coast” & you’ll see a lot of options out there! How can you know that they aren’t taking you down the rabbit hole of creating a money pit? Read on to find out some simple ideas to look out for.

Some simple ideas for you to keep in mind:

  • Willing to perform a feasibility study – Now this works both ways. A software developer is not going to know whether your project is worth the money being invested if they cannot first gain an understanding of your idea, perform some research & produce a realistic & achievable plan within your budget. Now, on the flip-side, a client should not just say “Go go go” without first allowing the software developer to perform this ‘feasibility study’.
  • Proven track record – Ask the potential software developer to produce some recent & successful previous work. Now, this does not mean the same results are guaranteed for you, however, knowing they have created positive experiences for previous clients is great to know!
  • Realistic & true time frames – It happens to the best of us! You promise the world & don’t deliver within the expected time frame. Ask any child how many times their parent promised to take them somewhere & it never happened! Make sure you get time frame estimates in writing & ask around to make sure these are achievable.
  • Meet the ‘actual’ developer – We live in Australia, we ALL know that offshore outsourcing is almost the way of Australian companies *cough* Telstra.. This also happens with software developers, so make sure you meet the actual software developer who will be working on your project & that they understand what you’re wanting.
    Do you get along with them? – This goes without saying, but we’ll talk about it anyway. If you don’t like the developers, don’t go with them. How can they see your vision if they aren’t on your level? So, make sure that you get along with your developer so when it comes to ideas, you feel comfortable with getting real.
  • NDA’s, get them to sign one! – People steal ideas, we personally haven’t seen this happen, but it does. Make sure you’re software developer signs a ‘non-disclosure agreement’ & you protect your idea! It may not be worth anything now or ever, but your idea is yours & you are responsible for protecting that.

Overall, the main idea when researching software developers is to make sure you are headed in the right direction & can trust that the developer understands that direction. We hope this was informative & will help to guide you in the right direction. For more information contact us.

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